This is an illustration for Little Giant: Crescent Artbook submission. The main concept is character design, with a handicap that creates perfection.
Tom Lighthunter is a boy with tesla coil as his hands. His duty is to catch lightning and contains it. Above are several alternate designs. I was trying to make him very cartoony and young, but then it would be too dark. So I manage to design a 14-16 years old boy, which also corresponds with his pride, rebellious nature. 
I have also added side characters, Professor Sergei Apkarian, the mentor and mad scientist, and Volt, the electric eel inside an astronaut costume.
This is a more cartoony approach to Professor Sergei and Volt, and Tom. And Tom's mother. This is where I got the idea of using Volt as an stun weapon for the villains. 
This is the sketch for the illustrations. I am trying to get the steampunk feel for the illustrations.
This is the background, which shows the post apocalyptic nature of the story.
Meet Tom, he's a lighthunter. How come he doesn't fried in the process of getting the lightning? Because this is a cartoon.
This is the final composited Illustrations. Tom is fighting an electrical being, known as Mortiferum Electrica, living beasts of energy.
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